With Your Wedding Day Fast Approaching…
The venue of your dreams is booked. You’ve hired your wonderful wedding planner, the perfect photographer, an Oscar-worthy videographer, and a DJ or live band that is going to set the dance floor on fire. You’ve completed your hair and make-up trials with much success. The menu is set and you’ve tasted your delicious wedding cake. 

Most importantly, you found the dress of your dreams. 

You have thought and taken care of every little detail to have the most magical day of your life, except…YOU!

How Are YOU Going to Transform Your Body 
To Look Like The Stunning Bride You Were Meant To Be?
With the stress of the wedding planning and the appointments taking over your calendar, you haven't been able to hit the gym as much as you would have liked. The bridal shower and bachelorette party haven’t allowed you to make the best food choices, either. 

As the countdown begins to your first dress fitting, the panic is starting to set in. 

If these thoughts have crossed your mind…
 Why haven’t I lost the weight yet?
 I'm scared I'm not going to fit into my dress.
 Everything else is perfect…besides me. I have no idea how I am going to look my best on the biggest day of my life. 
 These photos are going to last a lifetime, I don’t want to be disappointed by how I look. 
You are in luck! 
The worry ends here. 

Here is your once in a lifetime opportunity to conquer your wedding day fears. 
Dear Bride-To-Be,
Congratulations on your upcoming wedding day. It will be the most magical day of your lives as was ours. We hope to make it even more amazing by helping you achieve the body you’ve envisioned, reach your goal weight, and look more beautiful than ever in your wedding dress. 
Eric & Melissa Johnson
Creators of The Newlyshreds
My name is Melissa Johnson. We don't each other yet but I certainly know the struggles you're going through right now. Just a few months ago, I was in your shoes (or heels, for that matter) as a soon to be Mrs.

After eleven years, my high school sweetheart, Eric, and I decided to tie the knot. While I was beyond excited, I couldn't help but hear the little voice in the back of my head worrying about how I would look in my gorgeous white gown. 

As a Recording Artist, I've performed onstage in front of thousands of people, done dozens of photo shoots, filmed numerous music videos, walked many red carpets, and let's face it I take every photo opp I can (I mean, who doesn't love a good Instagram?)... but for some reason I still felt nervous about how I would look on my wedding day. This wasn't just "another" photo shoot, the photos from this day will last a lifetime. These are pictures that our children and grandchildren will be looking at for years to come. I wanted to make sure that I would look back at this day with nothing but joy and not tear myself apart for not hitting my "goal weight". 

Being in the entertainment industry and marrying a celebrity trainer, you can say that the pressure was definitely on to lose those extra pounds I gained over the past few years. This is the biggest day of my life! I have no excuse to not hit the gym, follow a meal plan, and drop the weight. But as the wedding got closer and closer and the stress from wedding planning was building, I found the time was skipping away. All kinds of thoughts were flooding my head... 

"I was 15 pounds less 3 years ago"

"Why did I eat that pizza on Friday night?"

"Why did I go for drinks with my fiancé last night instead of hitting the gym after work?"

I knew if was feeling this way, other brides must be too. That's when I approached my fiancé, and now husband, celebrity trainer, Eric Johnson, to formulate a workout program and diet to reach my goals. And it exceeded my expectations!

For the first time as a husband and wife, Eric and I are unveiling that exact program to help you transform into a strong, healthy, glowing, and beautiful bride. 

We proudly present to you...
You are cordially invited to experience a training and diet system that has been specifically designed to assist you in shredding for the wedding. 

The Newlyshreds Wedding Preparation Package will help you...
 Transform your beautiful bridal body by losing fat and building muscle
 Accentuate the right areas to amplify the fit of your dress
 Avoid crash diets and quick fixes to ensure your results last beyond the wedding day.
 Simplify the process of your workouts and diet to remove the stress and see everlasting results
 Walk down the aisle with more your confidence (& strength) than ever before
 Look and most importantly, feel your absolute best on the biggest day of your life
We're Eric & Melissa Johnson
You could call us high school sweethearts. Before the wedding bouquet, there were corsages at junior and senior proms. After a decade of adventure together, we decided to tie the knot…finally
Over those 10 years, exercise became a large part of our romance. Sexy, right? To this day, fitness is not only important to our careers but our relationship. Whether it's yoga, sprints, or workouts like in this plan, training together has become a daily staple in our married lives.  
Despite that fact that I have worked with A-list celebrities and prepared actors for some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbuster movies, I must admit training Melissa for our wedding day was my favorite project of all time. 

Seeing Melissa work so diligently and transform her body was extremely rewarding to me. Even though, she was already the most beautiful bride that my eyes had ever seen. Just look at that transformation picture above!

With all of that said, Melissa and I decided that we couldn't keep these methods secret from every bride who wants to look and feel their best on the biggest day of their lives. Once we tied the knot and returned from a magical honeymoon, we put our heads together to create the Newlyshreds. All with you in mind. We want you to become our next favorite project. 

Every single detail of this program has been specifically designed to help you accentuate the right areas to make your dress even more breathtaking, achieve your physical goals at each deadline, and unveil your best body ever. 

Melissa and I, personally, cannot wait to see your jaw-dropping transformation. 
WHAT's included in the newlyshreds wedding prep package?
 A 12-week Workout Program to build and sculpt the perfect bride body
 Meal Templates to craft the ideal diet that will change your body without compromising your sanity
 Delicious Recipes to help you lose fat and fuel your workouts while keeping your cravings at bay and appetite satisfied 
 Videos of each workout with demonstration as if we were right there with you 
 Countdown Calendar to keep your progress on target from your first dress fitting to the wedding day
 Access to support from us and other brides to be in our private Facebook group 
Let's Start Shredding For The Wedding
You were surprised when your fiance proposed. Don't be shocked when we launch this program. Be the first to know when it goes live by 
entering your email below:
Do I need access to the gym?
Nope! As long as you have a pair of dumbbells and your own body, you will be able to do all of the workouts at the comfort of your own home. We do make recommendations on some equipment that you can get that will make your workouts even more effective. 
What equipment do I need?
As long as you have access to some dumbbells and your own body, you will be ready to rock! Ideally, we’d like you to have 2 sets of dumbbells: one heavier (15-25 lbs) and one lighter (8-15 lbs). 
I'm new to working out. Is Newlyshreds right for me?
Don’t you worry! The Newlyshreds provides regressions and progressions to adjust the workouts to your fitness level. Along with the video tutorials, you will be confident in completing all of the workouts. 
How do I access the program?
Once you sign up for the Newlyshreds, you will receive an email with instructions on accessing the program via a secure portal. You’ll be asked to create a unique username and a password in order to grab the goods in a private, members only area. 
How long will I have access to these workouts?
You have access to the Newlyshreds membership portal forever. Along with our private Facebook page for brides-to-be like you. 
Is there any coaching that goes along with this?
There is not. This program is a DIY. With your goals targets set and a deadline in sight, you just need to execute the program and you will be ready to unveil your perfect bridal body. While there is no ongoing coaching access directly to us, you will be invited to join a private Facebook group where you can connect with other brides-to-be. However if you are interested in private coaching, you can reach Eric directly by emailing: coaching@sonsofstrength.com.
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